Intentionally creating your future while healing and letting go of your past 


1:1 Mentorship: Embark on a Deep Dive with Laura


Ever feel like you're on a treadmill of familiar patterns, always moving but never truly progressing? Or perhaps you make strides, but anxiety holds you back, or you inevitably return to where you started?

I've been in those shoes.

Our minds can guide our healing journeys, but they're limited by the safety our bodies perceive. Imagine simultaneously pressing the gas and brake pedals; it's tiring, frustrating, and counterproductive. You might have amassed knowledge from books, mindset exercises, and various strategies, yet still sense a missing piece.

Your body, miraculous in its daily operations, also retains every unprocessed emotion, stress, and trauma. Recognizing this led to my unique mentorship approach: combining 1:1 coaching focused on your aspirations and future with breathwork sessions that illuminate and dissolve deep-rooted barriers.

Expanding your breath awareness in a nurturing environment facilitates emotional detoxification, paves the way for reconnection, and fosters space for your dreams to take shape.

Drawing from a decade of massage therapy, five years coaching women in relationships, training in energy work, connective tissue practices, breathwork, and my transformative personal experiences, I'm here to guide women back to their core selves.

Ready to journey inward?

Together, we'll explore:

  1. Desire: Define clearly what you seek, whether it's in relationships, health, or career.
  2. Energetics: Forge daily mindset routines and activities to align with your dreams.
  3. Embodiment: Through 1:1 breath sessions, free yourself from stifling energies and beliefs, creating a safe internal space for growth.

Alter the course of your future, reshaping the forces that have long steered your path.


1:1 Deep Dive Options:

3 Month Commitment | 6 Month Commitment | 12 Month Commitment

Each includes:

  • 1:1 Facilitated Breath Sessions
  • 1:1 Voxer Energetics Coaching between sessions
  • Access Nurtur(her) Monthly Membership

Note: 1:1 mentorship spots are limited. Apply now to secure your place on the waitlist.

From Laura:

To me, your growth is personal. You’re not in this alone.



Happy Clients


Laura inspires me to continue to grow; she inspires me to continue to love. To love who I am ever so deeply and unconditionally each and everyday.



I have learned that in order for my infant daughter to grow into a confident, respectable, genuine human, I need to heal my past and BE that person, and lead in a way that inspires her to be that person.



Laura  was a wonder to work with, I love the energy she gives off and how easy it is to talk to her about anything. She knew exactly what I needed, and how to get there. She is such an encouraging and understanding soul.