Leading Men with Vision & Heart

Michael’s 20 years experience within the construction industry in which he often found himself in leadership roles at young ages, winning a nationwide leadership award within his company and managing award winning million dollar projects combined with his own personal growth through addiction, mental health and relationship struggles has led him to the work he does today; teaching men how to take charge of their lives by learning to lead themselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually first so they can show up as the man that their partner and family needs them to be. 

Michael is a strong believer that this world needs more men that are willing to step up and lead not only from a place of leadership and integrity but also vulnerability and love. And it starts with doing their own work first.

Michael leads men through his 1:1 coaching and mens group to stop making excuses and to take charge of their life by guiding them through his 3 pillar process: Body, Relationship & Mind.

Workshop - Vulnerability For The Masculine 

Let's explore how opening up emotionally can benefit you as a dad, partner and moving forward in your life....

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