Men, it's important to understand...

if you want more excitement out of life, satisfaction from your career, a deeper connection & more intimacy with your partner & to be a hero in your kid's eyes - You must work on yourself.

Don't just say "I'll figure it out" or "this is just a rough patch."

Take charge & make the changes NOW. 

"Working with Mike helped me understand that I really have to take care of myself first. I was always putting other peoples needs in front of mine and realized I was no good to my wife or my kids, only resenting and blaming them for my own lack of responsibility. I feel more in control of my days and don't just let life happen to me."

- Luke


By age 30, I thought I had my life figured out. I reached the top of my company, was married, partying and living the life. You know, the whole work hard, play hard mentality. And then I started thinking - is this my life? Is this really all there is? Making six figures, yet barely surviving. My marriage failing, and all I could think was - what's next? I began taking ownership of my life, and opened my eyes to more opportunity. I changed my outlook on life, did the hard work and my life changed; proud of my accomplishments and happily married to my wife of 18 years and welcoming our second child this summer. 

What Your Personal Experience Entails:

  • 8 Week 1:1 Intensive
    • includes 8 weekly 1hrs calls via zoom
    • Voxer accountability between calls 
  • Deep Dive into the below categories and topics unique to where you're at and what you need:

Fitness, Habits, Reading, Eating, Self Defence & Hobbies. These are some of the topics we'll touch on that relate to the body.

Without a strong foundation (body) work done in other areas will be greatly affected in a negative way. 


Truth, Team, Sex, Kids, Leadership, Vulnerability, Patterns, Listening & Communication. 

These are some of the topics we'll touch on that relate to the relationship. There is a lot of different directions we can take this but when this piece of the puzzle comes together for you life seems easy, fun & exciting. 


Ownership, Honor, Integrity, Accountability, Trustworthy, Protector, Confidence, Courage, Discipline & Masculinity. 

These are some of the topics we'll touch on that relate to the mind. Working together on these qualities will have a profound impact (in a positive way) on everything & everyone around you. 

Your Commitment:

  • strong desire for change

  • willingness to be open & honest

  • time to complete action you set

  • readiness to invest in your future

My Commitment:

  • total dedication to your goals

  • support, encouragement, motivation

  • non-judgement & positive attitude

  • passion to see you reach your full potential


8 Week 1:1 Intensive


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