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Laura LaRocque: Nurturer, Guide, Visionary

With a professional journey deeply rooted in healing and empowerment, Laura LaRocque has spent over a decade mastering the art of touch and transformation. As a registered massage therapist, she thrived, owning and shaping her practice for 8 cherished years. This foundation paved the way for Laura to serve as a Relationship Coach for women, where for half a decade, she empowered individuals to find harmony and love within and beyond. Laura's commitment to holistic well-being led her to become a certified Trauma-Informed Breathwork Facilitator, a role through which she has guided countless souls to find peace, release, and rejuvenation.

Yet, behind these professional accolades lies the heart of Laura: a devoted wife to Mike, an ever-present and nurturing mother to Lennox and Bear, and an unwavering pillar of strength and support in her family's homeschooling and entrepreneurial ventures. She embodies the essence of nurturing—not just through her roles but through her intrinsic values. Prioritizing her health and energy, Laura is a testament to the belief that self-care is the bedrock of being present for those we love. Whether it's forging a loving bond with her husband or holding a sacred space for women in their breathwork journey, Laura's mission remains unflinchingly clear: to nurture, heal, and empower.

At the heart of Laura's impactful work is Nurtur(her)—a blossoming community where women from all walks of life gather, breathe, and heal. This established sanctuary is a testament to Laura's vision realized, where members feel deeply seen and heard, where they connect with somatic work, rejuvenate their nervous systems, and resonate with their authentic selves. With Laura's gentle guidance, Nurtur(her) members are learning to navigate life less reactively, aligning more profoundly with their desires, and cultivating resilient trust within themselves and their relationships. From family bonds to financial aspirations, within the nurturing embrace of Nurtur(her), women are expanding their capacity to embrace and achieve their deepest desires.

Join Laura and the vibrant Nurtur(her) community. Discover, heal, and transform with a nurturer who knows the power of touch, the strength of community, and the limitless potential within us all.